Thursday, November 1, 2012

how to open .nfo files

you could have come across .nfo files in your downloads probably when you download from torrents a file withe extension .nfo downloads and you don't know what to do with it when you open it you normally get a error like this:
.nfo file is short form of info or information to open such files you have to open it using note pad it normally contains the information about the file which you have downloaded how to install that file  etc probably the information in the .nfo file gives the details necessary to use the file

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Resource monitor

            Resource monitor is a application which comes with windows which many of us are not aware about you can use it to monitor CPU, Disk, memory and network processes. You can open it by going to start, all programs, accessories, resource monitor or by typing resmon.exe in run

Overview tab

              The overview tab shows details about CPU, Disk, Memory, network it shows the main details

On the right side the computer automatically generates graphs for the CPU, memory, network, disk usage

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nokia S60V5 mobiles screen goes fuzzy

Nokia 5800 fuzzy/scambled screen, when cold!

                  The screen of Nokia s60v5 devices screen goes fuzzy and all thee pixels gets scrambled this is a very big problem and it occurs in many mobiles like Nokia 5233,5230,5235,5800,N97etc and many other mobile phones and this is a hardware problem that happens after u use it for about 1-2 years here i have mentioned some of the temporary measures and a permanent measure which will work for about a year and many say this problem is due to keeping the mobile in cold conditions, battery and due to faulty screen etc.

Temporary measures:
              Here i have mentioned some of the temporary measures that will help you for some time these methods wont work all ways but may help in emergency
  • keep a low auto lock value like 20 and allow it to lock automatically then unlock the phone.
  • update to latest firmware
  • when the screen goes fuzzy close all open application allow it to auto lock and then unlock the phone using slide lock
  • close all notifications like messages, missed calls and allow it to auto lock and unlock the phone
  • press the power button select the last option (remove E: memory card) allow the phone to auto lock and unlock the phone
  • reset the factory settings then your phone will work properly for some time
  • press power button and select the second option(lock screen and keys) then unlock the phone

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to extract a corrupt zip or rar file?

               When you compress then extract your files like music and videos to save some space in your hard drive you may sometimes get the message saying the file is corrupt and it will not be extracted this is very annoying due to this you many have to download the files again or may loose very important files but there is a method to extract the files without buying any software by using winrar i have mentioned the steps below you can use this to extract most of the contents and don not trust on the software's on the internet which will ask you to pay money to extract your files

Steps to extract a  corrupt file:

  • right click the corrupt file and select extract files

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Slive - 88

Slive-88 is a device to help us in emergency you can use it to charge your mobile phone even when there is no power source around you can charge your mobile by using AAA batteries, or by using AC- adapter or is-power charging which a  muscle powered charging where you have to rotate a handle to produce electricity 5 minutes of rotating can give you 10 minutes of phone backup so it can help you in emergency in this way it also has many facilities for emergency i have listed them below

Alienware M18X

alienware m18x r2

                   Alien ware M18X is one of the laptops released by dell on its alien ware gaming laptop series this laptop is one of the best gaming laptops in the market and there is no game that cant be run in this computer you can also configure the laptop based on the specifications you want below i have mentioned all the configurable specifications and the main attraction in this laptop is its style

Friday, April 13, 2012

How to attach large files in email?

                   When we want to send large files in Gigabytes we cannot send through email so we normally use rapid share, mega upload etc. but these sites have a lot of ads speed restriction premium account and so on like you have to wait for each download or pay money but here i have found a site where there are no ads and no premium account and no time limits etc the features of this site  are listed below:

  • you can upload up to 2 GB in 32-bit machine
  • You can upload up to 8 GB in 64 - bit machine
  • no ads
  • no time limits
  • no upload limits
  • no restrictions at all